AiSight increases machine efficiency by predicting machine breakdowns and identifying optimal production cycles in real-time. Maintenance and production waste are significantly reduced. Examples include machine wear, erroneous set-up, faulty materials, misfeeds, and operator inefficiency.


AiSight increases machine uptime by predicting failures, that stop planned production and by optimising maintenance. Machine learning algorithms are applied in real-time, ranging from anomaly detection, root-cause-detection, breakdown predictions to full machine diagnostics.


By reducing unnecessary downtime, optimizing maintenance schedules and reducing production waste at the same time, AiSight helps its customers to significantly reduce operation cost while increasing machine efficiency. With AiSight maintenance is conducted because it is necessary, not because it is in the calendar.



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The AiSight Solution

We increase your machines' productivity while reducing operation & maintenance cost

Plug & Play

The Sensorkit is easily attached to the machine's surface, allowing a Plug & Play installation within minutes. No specialized expertise is needed and the device does not interfere with the machine. AiSight requires no customisation or extensive setup by expensive consultants. Deployment is near-instant and actionable results start to be delivered in no time.

ML Analytics

The AiSight software uses machine learning models to learn machine states, identify anomalies and determine causes of errors based on patterns and physical parameters in the sensor data. The self-learning algorithm extracts physical features from the sensor data to identify patterns that originate from machine failures.

Edge Computing

The machine learning algorithms run on the Sensorkit's microprocessor and the data is being analysed on premise. This means that the raw-data is not constantly streamed to the cloud in large quantities, straining the customers infrastructure. The raw-data stays with the customer, ensuring maximum data security.


From one machine to thousands, AiSight delivers truly scalable solutions to ensure that your overall strategy can cover all of the machines that you depend upon. AiSight is machine agnostic, covering different machine types. The solution is integrating all data-points into one beautifully designed dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview.

Expected performance


increase in machine productivity


reduction in unplanned downtime


reduction in maintenance cost


improvement in forecasting accuracy

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The AiSight team

With our different backgrounds in hardware, software and sales we complement each other. Matthias Auf der Mauer is specialised in hardware and sensor development and has in-depth knowledge in machine learning and neural networks. He previously gained valuable professional experience at the Porsche Digital Lab in Berlin and at Clarity, a UC Berkeley startup in Silicon Valley. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Micro- and Nanorobotics from ETH Zurich and UC Berkeley. Maximilian von Düring’s background is in international sales and business administration, with previous experiences at startups in Southeast Asia and Berlin. He holds a Masters degree from ESCP Europe and a Bachelor’s from Zeppelin University. Renan Rodrigues Duarte is an experienced full-stack software developer who has developed high-frequency-trading algorithms under the highest security standards for a large investment bank. Additionally he has worked for multiple startups and large corporations in Brasil, Germany and India. Together we are helping our customers to increase their production efficiency with state of the art technology.

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